English tutoring doesn’t just help in English class. Reading and writing are crucial skills in all subject areas, and for success later in life. When your child improves their reading and writing skills, you are likely to see improvements across the board.

I provide tutoring for NCEA, IB and Cambridge English, essay writing across all subjects, and reading and writing skills for younger students. My highly effective, knowledge-rich, mastery-based teaching approach is grounded in the great relationships I build with students. Students build literacy skills while also learning new knowledge about the world, which is more interesting and more effective than generic literacy-building activities. Students learn through a carefully sequenced approach to reading and writing skills which quickly builds students’ confidence and ensures that their progress is clearly visible.

If you are interested in arranging tutoring with me, or if you would like more information, please contact me at

Pricing & Location

  • Tutoring sessions are $80 per hour.
  • In-person tutoring is available in Auckland. For students outside of Auckland (including students outside New Zealand), I offer online tutoring via Zoom.

Online Classes

For a group learning experience filled with rigorous discussion and debate, try my small-group online classes on Outschool.

My most popular classes on Outschool focus on building writing skills using a systematic, step-by-step method that demystifies writing great sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Students can try out parts of this method through my one-time classes, or they can work through the whole writing process in my eight-week course, “Argumentative Writing Step-By-Step,” which is offered several times a year. Students can also practice their literary analysis skills in my “Poem of the Week” class.

Please visit my Outschool profile to see an up-to-date list of available classes.

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